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Based in the heart of Leicester's Old Town,  we offer an eclectic range of items handpicked by us for their beauty, functionality and purity.

The H&Co. Notebooks & Travellers Journals have arrived!

Harriman & Co. have collaborated with the Stamford Notebook Co. to bring you a beautiful range of Notebooks & Leather Journals.

We have the:

Yellow Buckram Cloth Quarto (just smaller than A5) Grid/Squared Notebook.

Yellow Buckram Cloth Octavo (just smaller than A6) Lined/Ruled Notebook.

Yellow & Chestnut Brown Leather Travellers Journal with Lined and Plain refillable internal notebooks.

The question is - What will you write in yours?



Bookbinding is a passion. To create a book by hand that will serve its purpose is a pleasure.

Spiegl Press was established by Peter Spiegl in the 1950s after he moved to Stamford from London where he worked for Drivers, a firm of printers and bookbinders in Carter Lane. Spiegl Press made and supplied all aspects of commercial printing and bookbinding. Hugo Spiegl was introduced to printing at the age of 13 when at school. He joined the firm in 1990 where he was able to flourish his passion for artisan printing and bookbinding. He has a keen eye for detail and has taught many of the company’s bookbinders in this fine craft.

Spiegl Press has a fine collection of traditional bookbinding equipment along with more up to date production machinery. All aspects of production is carried out in their bindery in Stamford, including the printing of paper, folding, sewing, trimming and case making and casing in.

Over time they have gained a wealth of knowledge about printing and bookbinding – from the highest quality paper, waterless inks, to the most appropriate sewing thread.

All Stamford Notebooks are handbound in Stamford, Britain, by true craftsmen using centuries old techniques and modern equipment (sort of, if you count our lovely old 1948 sewing machine as modern!)

Stamford Notebooks handmade their first notebook in October 2013. With the aim to bind the best notebooks for writing and drawing using the best handwriting paper, leather and bookbinding cloth they can find.

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