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Based in the heart of Leicester's Old Town,  we offer an eclectic range of items handpicked by us for their beauty, functionality and purity.

Take tea.... H&Co. Style...!

ForLife Stump Teapots in Red, Black, Grey, White, Mandarin & Turquoise.

ForLife Stump Teapots in Red, Black, Grey, White, Mandarin & Turquoise.

ForLeaves Tea Company

ForLeaves Tea Company

For a nation of tea drinkers, we all have our preferred way of brewing. Are you a 'bag in the cup' kind of person? Do you put milk in first? Stir clockwise? Or do you only drink tea from fine bone china?

Well once you have experienced the simplicity and versatility of our ForLife tea pots, it will change your whole perspective of the common cuppa! Ideal for loose leaf tea with its sleek infusing basket or just as good with a traditional tea bag, these sturdy little pots are the perfect two-cup measure. They hold the heat for a good half an hour and they are stackable! (So you can have a different colour for everyday of the week!)

And as for the tea itself, Harriman & Co. proudly stock local Leicestershire Tea company ForLeaves. They have a huge range of beautifully crafted loose-leaf teas which can be mixed and matched for the perfect combination of flavours.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so when you're next passing H&Co. treat a loved one (or yourself) to the perfect teapot and a bag of tea too! They will love you ForLife!

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