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Based in the heart of Leicester's Old Town,  we offer an eclectic range of items handpicked by us for their beauty, functionality and purity.

Storing in Style: Baskets & Holders

Storing in Style: Baskets & Holders

Something we touched upon in last week's journal entry featuring our gorgeous side table collection was the importance of balancing aesthetics with utility when choosing how best to organise your home. Whether you've finally decided that the ever-growing magazine pile in the lounge needs a home, or you've had quite enough of the seventeen different places the kids' toys end up, our selection might provide you with some peace of mind.

Versatility is Key

If you're the type of person who appreciates a multi-use item, the lovely block print jute bag is for you. It's the perfect tote bag for everyday use, beach bag or shopping bag and is pretty enough to use for general storage at home! Hand-woven and hand-printed with care.

One of our best-sellers. The colour is a good match for a home with a flair for the contemporary - great for your records, magazines or coffee table book collection.

Previously featured in our journal entry about indoor plants, this handmade natural basket comes in three different sizes. Simply a classic.

Small: £28

Medium: £30

Large: £32

For more information on dimensions, follow the product link.

Featured: New Arrivals

This trio of baskets from Ferm Living have a playful feel to them. The melange of tones would suit a room in need of a burst of colour. They are made by hand with twined paper, why they all have a unique appearance and little, charming differences.

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Hot Off The Letterpress: Cards For Special Occasions

Side Tables for the Modern Home

Side Tables for the Modern Home