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Based in the heart of Leicester's Old Town,  we offer an eclectic range of items handpicked by us for their beauty, functionality and purity.

Zero-Waste Essentials at Harriman & Co.

Zero-Waste Essentials at Harriman & Co.

Since opening the shop in 2014, we have kept environmental conscientiousness close to our heart - from our paper bags and recycled tags to reusing plastic bubble wrap.

One reason behind this is that single-use plastic accounts for half of the 300 million tons of plastic we produce each year. Plastic never goes away, and every single piece of plastic that has been made still exists on this planet.


With the zero waste and plastic-free movements having steadily built momentum over the last few years, we want to guide you in a lifestyle with less waste that isn't completely overwhelming. It is about choosing products that are well-made and built to last, that can be repaired, and won’t end up in landfill once life-expired. We've also featured some products here at H&Co. that you'll find will help you embrace a life of "reduce, reuse, recycle".

Zero waste is about sending nothing to landfill, and recycling as little as possible. It’s about rethinking the way we do things: refusing what we don’t need, reducing what we use, reusing what we have, repairing what we can, and recycling as a last resort.

Buy it once & use forever

Glass & metal containers


From tin pots to glass jugs, the assortment of kitchenware that we stock upstairs at the shop have been chosen for their high quality. Not only does this mean that the purchase is cost-effective, it means that you won't need to replace it for a long time - keeping your kitchen low-waste.


Wicker baskets & rescued items


Our little shop is renowned in Leicester for the unique woven baskets that lay outside the doorway. Favouring baskets over plastic organisers at home is essential for moving towards a greener home. 

Also featured on the pavement are beautiful wooden stools that have been rescued from a school.


Tea Towels


Kitchen paper is often wrapped in plastic wrap, and when used for mopping up grease and dirt, its thrown into the rubbish ending up on the landfill. Using a washable kitchen towel decreases this waste.

Our Elise towel also comes in blue, olive and grey.

Natural & recycled materials

Natural Brushes

Our main brush supplier uses products with a wooden base and plant fiber bristles, so they will fully bio-degrade at the end of its life. 

Replace your plastic toothbrush!

It turns out billions of plastic brushes reach landfills globally each year. Unfortunately this doesn’t account for the millions of those that don’t make it into the rubbish – those plastics that end up in our waterways and eventually polluting our oceans, harming wild life and marine life.


Recycled Glass

We stock a bunch of gorgeous items that have been crafted out of pre-loved glass.

This includes this pretty wine glass from Nkuku. Each one is handmade from recycled glass, making each piece both stylish and eco-friendly. Due to the handmade nature of this product there can be a small variation in height which we believe adds to its beauty.

Other tableware that we stock made from recycled glass include the Moroc glass and jug.

This soap dish is crafted from 100% recycled glass in Spain. Each piece has a soft turquoise hue; reminiscent of the crisp waters and expanding skyline of coastal towns. With its central ridges to help prevent soap going soggy, it's an invaluable addition to all bathrooms or cloakrooms.

Supporting local makers & merchants

Buying from small businesses nearby is great for so many reasons.

  1. It feels wonderful to buy an item that you know is unique and made nearby. Give your loved one a hand-made gift and you can ensure it won't be identical to everything they already have.

  2. Choosing hand-made is better for the environment than large scale factory-made products.

  3. The further your item has travelled to get to you, the greater the carbon footprint it has left in air and road miles! Fossil fuels are one of the greatest threats to the well-being of our planet.

  4. It benefits the local economy and increases the demand for small, independent businesses and jobs.

Wild + Wood, Leicestershire

"These oak door stoppers are made from the library of off cuts left from the manufacturing of our chopping boards.

We felt it was such a shame to see perfectly good timber going to waste, so we are turning our efforts to using as much as possible in a new range of products."


Shop more Wild + Wood products on our website here.

Sue Pryke Ceramics, Leicester

Understated, affordable, functional and elegant. Sue Pryke masters designs that fit in rather than stand out.

Thanks for reading another week's blog. I'm always looking out for manageable but environmentally-friendly ways to live - if you have any to add then we'll be looking out for them in the comments! 

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