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The H&Co. Gift Guide for Father's Day

The H&Co. Gift Guide for Father's Day

Here at H&Co. we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all gift for Dads, we like to think we cater for all the different Fathers that exist, and so this is why we’ve put together this guide, which includes all different types of gifts for men. Read on to see our different inspiration layouts for different dads.


So when is Father’s Day?

I think it’s fair to say, that some of us – me included – are always guilty of never quite knowing when days like Father’s Day actually are, it is usually somewhere in the region of 2-3 weeks before the date, that someone, at some point will remind us. Here at Harriman & Co. we’re taking charge, and getting ahead with some fantastic gift ideas so you’re ready for Sunday 17th June.



These gorgeous, hard-wearing coasters are perfect for any father who appreciates that mug of tea at the day's end. The fact that these coasters are designed & made here in Leicestershire adds a personal touch - not only will you get a great gift, you'll also be supporting independent artists close to home & heart.



The ultimate candle for his office or study, the Library Candle has a smoky blend of Cedar and Sandalwood with a little birch tar amber and moss.



Remember his cocktail making phase? This nifty little spirit measure might just rekindle that lost love. It's made of solid brass, and balances utility and design perfectly.



Pairs nicely with the tipping measure.



Strong and efficient, Opinel knives are equipped with features that improve durability and comfort of use. Great for any dads with an enthusiasm for cooking!



Mimicking vintage metalware, this mug is actually made from stoneware, complete with realistic distressed edges and a contrasting rim stripe. Perfect for the nostalgic type.




The stump teapot is a gift that keeps giving - quick to become a favourite for the father who loves a good brew.



Another local, handmade gift. The doorstop is made from oak and leather and would be ideal for a practical dad with an appreciation for materials.



These traveller's journal are of impressive quality and an absolute treat for any father figure who prides himself in his inability to use the note-taking app on his smartphone. The notebooks are made of genuine leather and comes with refillable pads inside. We stock the refills in-store, so you'll know that he'll be able to use the journal indefinitely.

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