Sekki Bowls - Rust (set of 3)

Sekki Bowls - Rust (set of 3)

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Rediscovering the magic of traditional manufacturing, the unglazed Sekki Bowls have a coarse texture of the solid-coloured clay and draw a straight line to the rich Japanese ceramic heritage. The simple shape lets the material with a remarkable feel make up the contemporary expression, while the elegant foot elevates the design, adding a floating expression to the bowls.

Colour: Rust


Small: Ø: 11 cm x H: 5,5 cm,

Medium: Ø: 15 x H: 7 cm,

Large: Ø: 19 x H: 9 cm

Material: Unglazed solid dyed stoneware

Care instructions: Dishwasher safe

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