Woodrow Can - Assorted Colours

Woodrow Can - Assorted Colours


Made of natural treated wood curved into a can shape, then stained on the outside, making it a duo-tone can with a natural wood finish on the inside. Use the woodrow can to add a modern, subtle and decorative touch to any room that needs a bin. Available in multiple colors of stain-finished wood.

CLEAN MODERN DESIGN: Made of natural treated, bent wood, with a stained exterior finish, the woodrow waste basket offers a modern and beautiful take on a household basic.

  • UNIQUE WASTE CAN THAT SUITS ANY SPACE: Use this waste basket to add a modern aesthetic to your powder room, bathroom, office, living room, study, or anywhere else you need a garbage can. WOODROW is available in multiple finishes, features a modern wood design, and complements a variety of décor styles.

  • DURABLE, FUNCTIONAL, AND EASY TO USE: WOODROW has an integrated handle for easy transport and disposal of contents, makes a great office trash can.

  • TWO GALLON CAPACITY, DOUBLES AS RECYCLING BIN: Measuring 9 (dia) x 11 inches, WOODROW is a unique small trash can that provides a clean, elegant look for holding your waste or recycling; 2 Gallon /7.5 L Capacity.

  • DESIGNED BY HENRY HUANG FOR UMBRA: “When redecorating my home, I was looking for a very clean and simple waste bin in real materials that would coordinate with the rest of my furniture. I designed the woodrow can in a natural material that not only provided an elegant look but in a form not typically seen.”

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