Maimana Kilim - Assorted

Maimana Kilim - Assorted

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One off antique original Maimana Kilims in assorted colours and sizes:

Maimana Kilims are typically handwoven, flatweave rugs from a region in Northwest Afghanistan. Traditionally geometric in design and 100% wool.

This handpicked selection features dark blackish browns, red, orange, navy and natural colours.

Sizes vary as detailed below:

NOTE: These rugs are hand made and are ‘orgainc’ in shape & size - often they're not exactly square/rectangle in shape and can have an ‘irregular’ look in shape & pattern. If you like things a bit quirky then these rugs will be for to you!

RUG 1 - 85 x 100cm

RUG 2 - 82 x1 00cm

RUG 3 - 75 x 101cm

RUG 4 - 75 x 107cm

RUNNER 5 - 75 x 284cm

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